A Family Legacy

Brookwood Farms embodies our family legacy of bringing the nostalgic flavors of real-pit-cooked Southern barbeque to your homes and restaurants. Located in Siler City, N.C., Jerry Wood founded Brookwood Farms in 1978, and forty years and four generations later, brothers Twig and Craig Wood carry on the tradition. While our business has expanded with modern manufacturing facilities, our methods have not changed. We still roast the best cuts of USDA-approved meat low and slow over hickory charcoal for the irresistible smoky flavors of real, pit-cooked barbeque.

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Cooking Process - Steel Pits

Cooked Low and Slow

We start with the best USDA-inspected cuts of meat, which are loaded into stainless steel pit ovens heated by charcoal briquettes

Cooking Process - Coals


There is no substitute, and we’ve been using the same supplier since 1978.

Cooking Process - Measuring Temperature

Expert Pit Masters

A veteran pit master continually checks each pit throughout the night to ensure uniform cooking.

Cooking Process - Pit to Prep

From the Pit to Prep

After roasting low and slow all night, the meats are pulled from the pits and sent to the prep area.

Cooking Process - Sort and Sauce

Pull it. Chop it. Sauce it.

The freshly smoked meats are pulled or chopped, mixed with our proprietary sauces, and prepared for delivery.

Cooking Process - Packaging

Packaged for Convenient Preparation

Our smoked barbeque is packaged, then refrigerated or frozen for delivery to supermarkets, restaurants and schools.


Our meats are all pre-cooked, so simply heat and serve for authentic, pit-cooked barbeque!