(SILER CITY, NC) – Another milestone in the lineage of a true family-owned and operated food business was achieved in the hiring of Craig Wood II at Brookwood Farms.

Craig Wood II is son of one of the company’s third generation of leadership. His father, Craig Wood, is Vice President of Sales and his uncle, Twig Wood, is the company’s president. While Wood II is part of the family tradition at the barbeque producer, his training began this summer via heat and smoke just as any other employee.

"Training in the barbecue pits was probably one of the toughest but most rewarding experiences of the training process," said Wood II. "That is where it all starts and I learned a great deal about our process and why Brookwood Farms’ products are simply better."

Brookwood Farms is one of the nation’s few providers of authentic pit-cooked barbeque to foodservice and retail customers. Beginning at 4 p.m. each workday, more than one ton of real charcoal briquettes are lit for the overnight slow roasting of beef, pork and chicken. The process ends the next day as the products are pulled or shredded, sauces are added and packaged for delivery to Brookwood Farms customers.

Wood II is a graduate of Elon University, graduating in May with a degree in Business Marketing and Professional Sales. Wood II has been assigned sales responsibilities in both retail and foodservice in the Florida, Missouri and Oklahoma markets.

"We are very proud to have my son as a part of our sales team and have high expectations for his success," said Craig Wood. "Because he has grown up working in the business, his knowledge and understanding of the product is ahead of most new hires. Craig II will hit the ground running."

For more information on Brookwood Farms, visit www.BrookwoodFarms.com