America’s Best Barbeque
Built For K-12!

Brookwood Farms offers restaurant quality, pit-cooked barbeque that is made for your K-12 nutritional challenge. A trusted USDA Commodity Processor for selected states across America, there is a perfect pre-sauced barbeque that will please your students and enhance participation in your school lunch program. For more information on Brookwood Farm’s K-12 products, call direct (800) 472-4787.

Here are the choices we offer to make your school lunch program even more delicious:


Lower-Sodium Texas Western Pork BBQ - #12307

Chopped - CN Label
BBQ Sauce - Texas Western Lower-Sodium

We’ve cut sodium by more than 60%, but not the flavor of this extraordinary Pork BBQ. Access the power of this menu delight with the benefit of lower sodium per serving.

Original Texas Western Pork BBQ - #12305

Chopped - CN Label
BBQ Sauce - Texas Western Sauce

It is Brookwood Farm’s most popular K-12 school lunch program item. Students love the sweet and tangy flavor of this BBQ. With a rich ketchup base, no one can touch Brookwood Farms.

Original Carolina Vinegar Pork BBQ - #12300

Chopped - CN Label
BBQ Sauce - Carolina Vinegar Sauce

This is the original BBQ that made Brookwood Farms famous. This vinegar-based Carolina-Style BBQ is a big favorite of school lunch programs in the South and Mid-Atlantic.

BBQ Pork with Vinegar Marinade - #12302

Chopped - CN Label
BBQ Sauce - Add Your Own Sauce

Customize this BBQ with your own sauce, or serve it as-is for any dish you can imagine.

Download our K-12 Brochure, including nutritional information.