“We bought your wonderful bar-b-que when we lived in Franklin, N.C., but couldn't find it when we first moved to Mississippi. Finally, Wal mart started selling it. It is the best bar-b-que anywhere. The sauce is perfect and the meat is great. I have never found any big pieces...”

E. Kendall

“Gentleman, In my humble opinion nobody made BBQ better than I did, but yours was a close Second Place. Well, with your new packaging the BBQ looks better, feels better and tastes better. There are larger pieces one can only find in hand-pulled Q - which was lost in the ol...”

E. Moore

“I bought your pit cooked BBQ today. I was not sure what brand of BBQ to buy. I picked your brand and wasn't sure what to expect. When my husband and I got home from the grocery store, he warmed up your BBQ. I could smell it cooking. It smelled so good. We had it for dinner tonight. I want to say one thing – your BBQ is excellent. I will definitely be buying it again. It is the BEST store bought BBQ I have ever eaten.”


“Fresh, tender, smokey, toasty, and delicious! This is the best Pork Barbeque we've ever tasted! Keep up the quality and tradition of your great product! Many thanks, ”

New Customers for life.

“Hello everyone, I lived in a small town in N.C. and found your BBQ in a Lowes grocery store, I was hooked at first bite. 3 years ago I moved to a small town in southern Florida and feared I would never have my much loved BBQ again. About a month ago my sister surprised me with 2 tubs in my freezer !!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! She found it at a store near us, you better believe that I went right out and bought a dozen tubs and now my freezer and I are very happy! Thank you for making the best BBQ I have ever eaten you guys ROCK!!!!!!”

L. Bondurant

“I had to write and tell you just how great your Chopped BBQ is. I run a kitchen for an academy where we train firefighters here in Crowley, TX. I had been using a local brand; here recently Ben E. Keith distributors had a food show in Ft. Worth and one of the purveyors had your copped BBQ for sampling. Right then and there I switched. I don't believe the quality can be beat anywhere and as you know we are in the heart of Texas BBQ country here. I would put yours up against any I have eaten here in Texas. Keep up the good work.”

R. Sigo, Training Division.com (Emergency Training

“Wow Twig, Craig and staff, We think your barbecue is the best we have ever tasted from the grocery. We raised our children in Raleigh and enjoyed NC eastern style barbecue. We sure did miss it when we moved to Asheville in 2001. Thank you so much for the excellent quality barbecue you have made available through Ingles Supermarket. We like to support North Carolina businesses, and what a thrill to have tasted such good barbecue and read it is made in Siler City, N.C.! Thank you for all the hard work of you, your families and employees for making this yummy vinegar based barbeque available for our enjoyment here in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina! Sincerely,”

Rebecca, Nelson and Ben


N. Fernandez

“I'll keep this short. I have been eating your BBQ in the 1lb refrigerated tubs since I was a little guy, (approximately 34 years), and it still tastes the same- GREAT! I'll have you know that being diagnosed with SEVERE food allergies as an infant, it was always nice to be able to eat something from a grocery store that was "heat and eat". Many times I found myself eating an entire pound in one sitting when I was young!!! I can easily do that now, but I like to portion a container and savor it for a couple days. Anyway, I thought you would like to know you have a devoted consumer out there who never misses a chance to take home some of your BBQ when I go to the grocery store. Thanks for all the delicious meals!”

S. Cline

“I would like to thank you for all that hard work you all have put in making your BBQ. I love BBQ,my own of course ,but so much work. You have the best store bought BBQ I have ever put in my mouth. Also I would like to thank Piggley Wiggley in Maxton NC for turning me on to BrookWood BBQ”

S. Britt

“A family member suggested I try your Carolina BBQ. I must say it was the best I have ever had !! It was as good as home made but without all the work. Congrats for making a product that tastes just as advertised.”

Thank you

“Just wanted you to know that I tried your BBQ for the first time from Harris Teeter in Amelia Island, FL. It is awesome, can't believe it can be packaged and taste so good. Do you know that because of your Carolina BBQ sause it has the less sugar of any other brands.”


“Dear BF, I wanted to let you know how fantastic I think your BBQ is. My wife recently tried to trick me by buying some inferior BBQ and serving it for dinner without me knowing. One bite and I knew it was not Brookwood Farms BBQ. Needless to say, that BBQ is headed to the dog's bowl and we now have the REAL deal in the fridge. Thanks for not cutting corners. I get the same delicious experience every single time I open a container of your product.”


“LOVE your product!!! Shopping for groceries, I'm always trying to find a good barbeque....have tried way too many, until I found yours! It's wonderful! Spreading the word to friends and neighbors!!! Thanks for making me, finally, a happy shopper! LOL!”


Brookwood BBQ is the best barbeque I've ever had!! You guys ROCK!!!

Sarah Grissinger

Great taste, love the BBQ

Sam Robertson

“We grew up with good ole Southern BBQ but have since moved to IL. NONE of that here! This past week we were in NC visiting family and just before leaving, my sister handed us a carton of your BBQ that she had frozen. We kept it packed on ice on our travels back to IL....I found a recipe for the Vinegar based slaw and made that for our night of BBQ from NC! (I am sure my slaw was not the perfect one; but was good) We thoroughly enjoyed our BBQ dinner, each of us having 2 sandwiches each........NOW we have to find a way to get more.........glad to see you ship! I think IL needs one of you guys here to show them how to do BBQ! Thanks for a wonderful night of Southern AFTER we returned home to IL from our ole home town in NC!”

Billie Needham

“Hello, I had to find out where the pulled pork came from and what is in it. I called the school and they gave me your info. My son - Braedyn Lusch is 9 years old and he forgot his lunch at home and ate in the school cafeteria. He came home and stated he had the best lunch ever and had something he never had. He proceeded to tell me it was a pulled pork sandwich and he could not get enough of it. I found this completely amusing as most people always think of school cafeterias food as disgusting. I have been in marketing my whole life and perhaps you should expand. One last thing....any way I can have the recipe for the sauce or buy it? My son would really like it. The school cafeteria and the school loved what I told them.”

Ronda Lusch - mom

“I just have to brag on y'all for a moment. I have tried dozens of commercially available barbecues, and every single product has disappointed me--until I tried Brookwood Farms. Twig and Craig deserve the highest praise for their Real Pit-Cooked Barbecue. The Original Carolina sauce tastes just like Grandma's. The smoky meat is top notch. As Grandpa would say, "That will make your tongue slap your brains out!" Brookwood Farms is that good. This Carolina barbecue fan can't say enough to endorse your superior work. I simply will say thank you, and God bless you all.”

James Puckett

“Just letting you know that I tried your BBQ Pork in the small white container that I purchased from Walmart in Conover, NC and have since purchased another and will do so as long as they are available. My first thought upon eating it was how noticeable the "pitt" taste and scent were. In fact, my microwave smelled like the pitt smell for a few days when I used it. That only made me want the BBQ even more. Of all the store brands of bbq that I have tried, none come as close as yours because it taste like I sat down in a restaurant and ordered it fresh.”

Nicely done folks! I am hooked!

“Tried your Carolina BBQ this past weekend and was very surprised how good store bought Q could be. I've got a new "go to Q" now. ”

John Renwick

“Just a small note to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed your Beef Brisket BBQ. I am a native Memphian (living in Florida for almost 40 years), and I had almost given up on any package barbecue product. Your brisket was on sale at my Publix, so I thought I would give it a try...delicious! Thank you!”

Marlene Rudner

“ I wanted to say "thank you" to you and your employees for your pulled pork barbecue in Carolina Vinegar Sauce. We just finished our third container for dinner, and I am so impressed and thankful at never finding a bit of gristle or glob of fat. And I love getting some of the outer crust in every package. That takes a good bit of dedication to the final product and its reputation. I'm 65 now, but grew up on my grandfather's guidance that vinegar sauced pulled pork BBQ is the ONLY kind worth eating. I'm sure he would be as impressed as I am. Thanks to all of you”

Michael Warren

“I just want to thank you for the best pulled pork I have ever eaten..that's all I ever buy.”

Buddy Fernow

Tried your BBQ for the first time in Charlotte's airport. WOW, mouth watering flavor, tender meat, high-quality product for a good price! 

Michael Blankenship

Had your pulled pork while in Tega Cay, SC. over the holiday. Best barbecue I've eaten! Awesome.

Ed Marnock

Dear Folks, I am one who doesn’t mind complaining when something is wrong, so I should also comment when something is right, especially when it is extra right. First of all, I do not know the people at Brookwood Farms, nor do I have any relationship with them. This is except for the relationship that I hope to create with their Carolina BBQ which you sell. My wife brought some home for supper tonight, and I am hooked. Well I’ve been hooked on good BBQ all of my life, but I have never bought and real slow pit cooked BBQ in a store. Admittedly, I am partial to vinegar and pepper sauce, but my roots have absorbed mustard base, tomato base, sweet, etc., all of the NC and SC BBQs. This stuff was fresh and cooked well. I have to admit it, but when we go to our annual pig picking this Thanksgiving, I hope that what we have there comes out as well as what we had tonight. Keep up the good work!

Chuck Luther

Just wanted to let you know we just tried your pork barbeque for the first time last night. I got a 1 lb tub at our local Food Lion, it was excellent. None of the sugary sweet flavor like some of the other brands in the refrigerator section. I’ll probably go back for more this weekend to put in the freezer for next time.

Jay Waldman

Just wanted to let you all know how much we LOVE your BBQ Pork….we get it at Ingles Grocery Store… It is not as expensive as others and is so much better than the others!!!! My husband had a favorite bbq that we always bought and then my son told me about yours … so we tried it and now that’s my husband’s favorite!!

Patricia Trull

I just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate what you guys put out because it the absolute best BBQ I have ever eaten and your beef brisket is out of this world as well. I just wanted you guys to know I am one of your biggest fans and tell everyone about how good your BBQ really is!

Bryan Grace

I wanted to tell someone that my family truly enjoyed the pork we purchased for a quick meal and wow it was our first time trying your product it was a big hit for our family it tasted like your cooks made it in our backyard and served it up ye ha it was really really good!

Richard Haire

Oh, THANK YOU!! Its is so delicious and easy to prepare for large crowds! My church folks are spoiled!


Comment: Thank you, Brookwood, for making the first and only EXCELLENT packaged barbeque we've had since we retired to Georgia 15 years ago.  We've tried out at least 6 other brands.  They were a disappointment.  'Guess we should have visited Charlotte en route. 

We found your barbeque at Ingles in Jackson, GA.  It was kind of thrown into a cooler unit with tubs of miscellaneous items. We're going to buy at least 5 more tubs and freeze them just in case Ingles stops carrying it.

Kathy and Bob Abood
Monticello, GA.

“I came across your BBQ at the local Ingles and it was on sale so I figured I'd give it a try. I thought my husband will eat it even if I don't like it. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to BBQ and have only once bought a packaged BBQ and it was terrible (not your brand). I have to say I was absolutely impressed with this BBQ! The smokey flavor and the just right sauce. I fully expected to have to add something to this to make it something I'd want to eat. I was pleasantly surprised! This was a hit with my husband as well and will be my go to for BBQ from now on. Thanks for the great work. That's some good Q! :D”

Jana Brown

I purchased your product from our local grocery store. My husband hates when I bring Barbeque home; he doesn't really like it. Until he tried your Original Carolina Pork Barbeque! He went back for more!

Guess what we are having tomorrow for supper?! I just have to stop and get more! Keep up the great work!

Rick, Tammi, and Madison Chandler

I just wanna say,I have been eating your BBQ for years now.And to this day,I have never tasted any BBQ in any restaurant or anywhere that can compare to the awsome flavor of your BBQ that I buy in food lion.

Please DO NOT change a thing. Its very addicting, & I do tell my friends & people about it all the time.


David Powell

I moved to Chattanooga, TN from Salisbury, NC in 1969. I sampled BBQ in every restaurant or "joint" that I could run accross looking for something that resembled my beloved NC Lexington style BBQ. I gave up and learned to tolerate the local stuff with the thick red sauce.

Every time I go back to NC I have to have my BBQ fix as well as a footlong hotdog and a hamburger made with mustard, chili, slaw, and onions. (Hamburgers here come with tomato and lettuce and a pickle.) Recently, in my local BiLo store, I happened to notice your product in the deli section with the different options. I thought what the heck, I'll blow $5 on the Carolina style and see what I get. OMG, I felt as if I had died and gone to NC! You have found a loyal customer.

I also plan to write a notice to an acquaintance that writes a column in the food section and ask her to put the word out to NC expats. I will be placing an order soon to be shipped to a friend in CA that probably will never get back to NC but does miss the cue. This past Saturday evening, I helped host a party for 40+ to celebrate an engagement and served (on a silver tray no less) BBQ sliders made with your product. Nary a one remained at the end of the evening. Thank you!

Nancy Belk Ruby

“I'm a Georgia kindergarten teacher worn out after work!!! I went to Publix for something quick and easy for dinner. Publix had your pulled pork on display right when I went into the store. Now, I'm not usually a sucker for a new product, by my word!!! My husband and I cannot quick talking about how delicious that pork was for dinner!! We have bragged to all our friends and encouraged them to go buy some! Thank you for your commitment to produce quality products. I cannot wait to try other foods from Brookwood Farms. Thank you for making dinner easy and delicious for working folks.”